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Modern, flexible and efficient publishing

Evolved Media Solutions specialises in efficient multi-channel publishing for media companies, agencies, retailers and corporates. We help our customers automate their publication processes in order to save money and time, and achieve the goal of publishing on all channels (print, web, mobile, email, social media, video, etc) – ideally without expanding existing teams.

From workflow systems to digital asset management (DAM) systems to digital publishing software to cloud CMS systems, we help businesses of all sizes join the digital publishing evolution.

Our main focus is on the integration and implementation of standard solutions from Woodwing, Adobe and others. We also develop our own products, plugins and systems as needed.

Our organisation is honest, innovative, experienced and ambitious, and as a result we work with some of the biggest companies in the UK and worldwide. What makes us stand out is the passion with which we tackle your publication challenges – and tailor our solutions to fit your business.

If you would like to receive more information on Evolved Media Solutions, please send an email to info@evolvedmediasolutions.co.uk

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Evolved Media Solutions

8 St Thomas Street

London SE1 9RR

8 St Thomas Street | London, SE1 9RR | T +44(0)208 669 1804 | info@evolvedmediasolutions.co.uk