50 Best Portal revisited


The client’s existing site was built on an old version of WoodWing Assets which did allow them to control how content was displayed and delivered to their website. They also now needed to be able to submit content ‘live’ from a number of global events, and have it published onsite with few manual procedures. 

Changing the platform would also allow them to refresh the design of the site itself, to move it onto a new platform that would allow them to better organise content, and to present it in a more dynamic way. From a technical perspective they also wanted a platform that could be developed and upgraded on a regular basis.


The decision was made to upgrade to the latest version of WoodWing Assets and move hosting to the Cloud.

This meant they could ingest content easily from every event and manage the workflow for ingesting assets, and the review and approval process.

Evolved Media supplied the web portal and WoodWing Assets as the basis for the ‘50 Best’ website. The portal sources content from the client’s WoodWing Assets. It also provides an administration layer to control content structure, so it can be presented on the website in a number of different ways. The WoodWing Assets REST API makes this a simple and flexible architecture that can be adapted to a variety of use cases in the future too.

The new site now has an independent workflow, which means it can be adapted to multiple sites and use cases by the client, with an independent web portal that can again be delivered in multiple instances to serve many different requirements.

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