One of the biggest challenges facing on-line retailers is the time required to process product imagery and metadata ready to be pushed to the e-commerce platform. When the product is an item of furniture, the challenge is multiplied many times over, because the website needs to show off different materials and patterns, different feet and accessories, and for each variant multiple images are required to show the product from different viewing angles.

Next’s furniture catalogue requires a total of 11 million images to be produced and uploaded to their e-commerce site. Imagine the effort and time required to prepare, review, sign-off and upload this content.

In practical terms producing the images for one product would take three weeks, from start to finish, and although derived from technical CAD drawings it also required a manual intervention, at significant cost.

The challenge was whether WoodWing Assets could handle this faster and more cost-effectively.


Original images are created by the manufacturer using a CAD system, which also contains valuable metadata that describes every aspect of the product. In the original process, this image and the data was exported and then manually processed.

Evolved Media quickly realised the first step in speeding the process up was to get the data directly from the CAD system, and created an API between it and WoodWing Assets, so new product images and data could be transferred to the DAM system as soon as they became available.

New product images and corresponding metadata was then processed automatically, to first check whether image quality was high enough, and whether the dataset was complete. WoodWing Assets was configured to then produce all required renditions of the files and push them to the Next staging website, where products would be reviewed before pushing them live.

What had taken 3 weeks from start to finish and incurred considerable cost now takes minutes and costs nothing. Not only has the cost been eliminated, but because image rendition is controlled, quality and consistency have also been improved.

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