The previous brand website had been developed on what was (by modern standards) an old web CMS platform, and as a consequence wasn’t fit for purpose. The brand team found it was difficult to maintain and update. It didn’t contain all the brand assets that were needed by creative agencies and other suppliers. It didn’t manage permissions or allow the brand team to control which assets could be accessed by suppliers.

Security was also an issue, as the site sat outside Sky’s IT infrastructure, and the cost of maintenance, upgrades and development was very expensive.

The brand portal itself was not linked to campaign administration, which was a tool used by the marketing teams to manage creative agencies, and although it held brand guidelines, these were separate documents and were not related to specific assets. Consequently, users could download assets without the correct guidelines, or download the incorrect guidelines by mistake.


Because SKY had already implemented WoodWing Assets for their SEAC solution to handle all programme imagery it was possible to extend the platform to also manage a new brand site, quickly and cost-effectively.

This allowed the team to add every brand asset, in every media format. It also was possible to link assets to specific brand guidelines, such that when a user downloads assets they automatically download the appropriate guideline too.

The new Brand Portal also has a campaign admin tool. This enables the Sky marketing team to plan new campaigns and appoint members to join a campaign project team, including other Sky staff as well as agencies and other suppliers. Comprehensive security enables SKY to control which members have access to which brand assets, and to track which agencies and suppliers have downloaded assets.

The benefit of the new Brand Portal is that it ensures agencies and suppliers always access the correct and most up to date brand assets. The assets required for a specific campaign are immediately available to the project team as a package, including brand guidelines, which saves a lot of time for everyone.

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