WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Studio Integration

Woodwing Integrations Partner site

WoodWing Integrations is a partner collaboration created by PubliQare, A&F systems and Evolved Media Solutions. The three partners have come together to provide a selection of tools and products for the wider WoodWing community. WoodWing’s Aurora allows each partner to publish articles directly to the website. Each partner is continually adding to the site in order to provide the best tools and plugins for your workflow.

About the Partners:


PubliQare successfully works with hundreds of brands in both publishing and retail, they supply and integrate smart automation solutions to their clients that are specific to and facilitate their creative processes in order to improve the efficiency of content production and support multi-channel publishing for digital, print and apps.

A & F systems

A&F systems are an established and renowned Swiss systems integrator that help their clients to meet complex, digital content demands through delivering customer-orientated, scalable solutions so that they clients can focus purely on the quality of their content.

Evolved Media Solutions

We are experts in providing technology solutions to media, television, retail, publishing and content syndication industries. Our work is focused on enabling clients to control, manage and repurpose digital assets globally, whilst also accelerating and streamlining creative, publishing and production processes. 

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