Sky’s editorial team are responsible for managing and distributing all programme imagery for SKY and NOW TV. Programme imagery is used on set top boxes for Sky Q, mobile applications, print and digital marketing campaigns, corporate communication and for press relations. The team therefore provide an essential service that supports numerous activities and teams throughout the entire organisation.

Demand for imagery is very high. Every day the team is bombarded with requests to provide images. As well as creating new programme imagery, they also have to make sure their customers know the status of imagery being created for new programmes, so they can plan their work accordingly.

There were no efficient or effective management processes in place, so the editorial team would manually supply the same image to multiple departments and field calls and requests for status information from all sides, which meant they were duplicating everything they were doing, time and time again.

New platforms, such as Sky Q, not only led to increased demand but also a requirement to speed up the service too. Inevitably, the editorial team struggled to keep up with demand to supply information and images and to meet their own deadlines for creating new programme imagery.


Evolved Media worked with SKY to build a customised digital asset management system capable of storing all SKY programme assets built on the Woodwing Assets technology platform. This became known as SEAC. Sky Editorial Asset Centre

A custom workflow interface was layered over WoodWing Assets. This was developed specifically to SKY's requirements. Integrated with SKY's broadcast database, it allowed the team to plan and predict upcoming work.

In addition, we created a customised workflow interface on top of WoodWing Assets which was integrated with SKY's broadcast database. This created a number of workflows to support internal customers and allowed the team to predict and plan future workloads.

SEAC is self-service tool that provides everyone in the business with the ability to search, crop and download every available image, whenever they need it, provided they have the relevant permissions which are based on their role in the organisation. This allows users instant access to images that are fit for purpose.

Programme assets that are in production can also be requested by users, who are able to track progress and are notified when images are ready for download.

The system has now been in place three years and is a tremendous success. Not only does it enable teams throughout the organisation to work far more efficiently and effectively, it also frees up the Editorial team, which has enabled them to accelerate production of new programme images significantly.

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