Evolved Media becomes a PublishOne partner

We are delighted that Evolved Media have joined the PublishOne partner team and we look forward to working together to help clients identify the best technology for their current and future needs

Ellen van Beijsterveldt, CEO PublishOne

Evolved Media becomes a reseller for PublishOne in the UK.  Evolved Media’s work is focused on enabling clients to control, manage and repurpose digital assets globally, and on accelerating the creative, publishing and production processes.  Evolved Media’s clients include Next Retail, British Sky Broadcasting, Warner Music to name but a few. 

We are excited by the possibilities the PublishOne brings by adding to, and strengthening the portfolio of solutions Evolved Media can provide to its customers.

Evolved Media will offer PublishOne as a part of its existing product portfolio, as a tool that works closely with applications users already work with on a day to day basis. Evolved Media believes PublishOne brings great opportunities to work with both new and existing clients. To be a standalone solution for customers that need specific workflow and automation solutions. Plus, also be a great compliment to their existing solution suite of WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Studio.  Evolved Media will also develop integrations for PublishOne.

We believe that with our experienced team of consultants and developers we can provide an exceptional suite of integrated workflows for a range of publishing processes with great opportunities for streamlining and automating processes

Russell Pierpoint, Managing Director Evolved Media.

If you want to know more about how Evolved Media and PublishOne can help your business please contact us at info@evolvedmedia.co.uk

Learn more about PublishOne here www.publishone.nl

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