Outsourcing manual and repetitive tasks to offshore service providers throughout the world to reduce costs has been a common business strategy. However, as global economies have grown and developed labour costs have risen, reducing the savings made and the attractiveness of the approach.

One of our clients, although based in the UK, has a large workforce abroad who prepare content for their e-commerce site. The work involves a lot of manual work retouching hundreds of thousands of fileseach year.

In the existing workflow images from photoshoots are first sent to the off-shore studio in low res. There, they would be cut and cropped as required. High-res files would subsequently arrive sometime afterwards and would require the studio to replace the low-res with the high-res and prep it for web and print purposes.

The challenge for the client was that the volume of images requiring retouching was increasing significantly, and the only way to increase throughput would be to significantly increase the number of staff, which would in turn be very costly.

Although the client had a DAM system, they had not built automated workflows, which meant every image had to be downloaded  to allow studio operators to cut, paste and resize the image before uploading it back to the system; and It was estimated that it took 30 mins for an operator to find and replace a low-resolution image with the high resolution one.

This put enormous pressure onto the team, and inevitably created a backlog of unprocessed images during busy times.


To resolve this issue and facilitate their ability to scale their operation, the client needed a solution that was able to reduce manual processes to accelerate the process and minimise costs, and chose to replace their existing DAM with WoodWing Assets.

One of the features of WoodWing Assets is its ability to be augmented with plug-ins that can automate workflows.

Evolved Media had seen this client’s problem before and set about redesigning their processes and build new workflows to ensure as much work as possible was automated (and therefore operator-free).

The entire process has now been completely re-engineered and has been automated. The need to replace low-res with hi-res is no longer manual, and this has not only accelerated the entire process but has led to significant cost reductions

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