RIghts Manangement

Replacing old DAM Technology


Immediate Media’s original DAM was based on a technology that was no longer supported and could not be upgraded. It also didn't support APIs and therefore had limited integration capabilities with other systems and was becoming increasingly unstable.

A new DAM solution was required. However, the business was reliant on this system. Therefore, throughout implementation of the new system, it was to essential to provide continuity, so the design, editorial teams and external partners could continue to produce and publish titles.

As well as building a new digital asset management solution, improved rights management was also a key objective. The old system stored imagery and magazine archives going back over a period of 10 years. However, there was a lot of duplication and there were gaps in metadata.

Therefore, as well as building a solution that would enhance editorial and production processes and be capable of producing final multi-channel content, it was as important to process legacy data, remove duplication and improve metadata to ensure the new system was fit for purpose and ‘clean’ from the beginning


WoodWing Assets was chosen to replace the existing DAM solution after a detailed evaluation process because of its open and scalable architecture, its fast search capabilities, its ability to integrate with a number of legacy systems and the strong rule-based control it provided with regards to rights management and asset access.

As well as moving the library of assets from the old DAM system, a key focus for the joint implementation team was to enhance the quality of metadata. Updating rights and permissions not only significantly enhanced the reliability, and therefore the value of the new DAM, it was essential to creating automated workflows and tasks that would later enhance productivity.

Rights management of is critical for publishers for many reasons. It enables publishers to carefully manage the release of assets to avoid mistakes and litigation from third parties. It enables them to control and manage contractual agreements as it ensures partners only access content they are permitted to.

Evolved Medias’ integration toolset was used with the clients’ own scripts and tools to extract and cleanse images and data from the old DAM. New rights matrixes were devised to define the various reuse and syndication agreements, which were applied automatically on ingest.

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