Immediate Media

Immediate Media is a UK based publishing house and a growing multi-platform media company. Founded in November 2011, when digital media business Magicalia merged with BBC Magazines and Origin Publishing they have been redefining the magazine media model, growing rapidly both organically and through acquisitions – winning various different awards on the way..

Immediate Media’s core mission is to build a significant, fast growing, dynamic multi-platform consumer media business that delivers for its customers, its people and its shareholders. They reach over 26 million consumers across multiple platforms and have created an environment to market new content and services to a large audience through generating deep levels of engagement.

Immediate Media needed a new and modern Digital Asset Management solution that has the scalability to be able to support all of their current assets as well as any new future assets. WoodWing Assets ticked that box as it allows them to store millions of digital assets and image layouts in an organised and functional way. WoodWing Assets open nature also meant that Immediate Media could automate a lot of their processes, allowing them to speed up processes that would usually take a lengthy amount of time. Evolved Media worked with both Woodwing and Immediate Media to deliver WoodWing Assets and tick all the boxes that Immediate Media required. 

Immediate Media’s key benefits for choosing WoodWing Assets:

Scalability – have a large number of images and layouts that need to be supported.

Accessibility – able to supply assets to syndication and license partners.  

Customisation – well documented API’s for integration into other systems.

Automation – speed up processes and loading times.

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WoodWing Assets helps you create incredible assets and enables creatives to collaborate more effectively. All files are stored in a single location, giving you maximum control over when and where assets are used. Being an open platform with unlimited scalability, WoodWing Assets is an instant fit in any organisation’s technology landscape.

Immediate Media own and operate some of the best-loved brands in the UK. Focusing on special interest markets, engaging over 26 million passionate consumers each month, offering them world-class content and innovative new products and services.

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