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WoodWing Elvis Version 5

With a server architecture entirely rewritten, Elvis 5 enables the high-performance management of up to 1 billion assets, offering Web client features, a further extended API and deeper integration with popular desktop applications.

In these days of multi-channel publishing and content marketing, publishers, agencies and marketing departments all face a major challenge. To attract and grow their audiences, an increasing number of media files such as images, videos, audio, and more is being used for the various channels, resulting in dramatically increasing file stocks.

Infinitely scalable, enterprise-level DAM through Clustering and ElasticSearch

With the clustering architecture of Elvis DAM 5, WoodWing helps content creators overcome this limitation.

The search index of the Elvis DAM repository is split into “shards” and spread over multiple machines. The ElasticSearch feature allows combined parallel search scans, resulting in significantly decreased search times. In addition, the new architecture of Elvis DAM 5 increases redundancy and high availability of the DAM environment – both of which are important aspects of an enterprise-savvy DAM system.

Elvis DAM 5 features an enhanced Web client, an improved API and a revamped integration with desktop applications. A recent study conducted by WoodWing on the status and the expectations in digital asset management revealed that these aspects are clearly in the focus of DAM users and administrators. According to the study, 92 % of the participating DAM users vote for a Web-based user interface, and 20-36 % plan to integrate their DAM with their Web CMS and various applications such as editorial workflow, customer relation management, marketing resource management and other systems.

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