Article - 03/12/2018

A Step-by-step guide to answering your publishing-tech challenge

Publishers of all shapes and sizes face the same challenge: How to meet growing publishing needs, run faster and more efficient workflows, and minimise investment and running costs?

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Press Release - 06/11/2018

Breakfast Briefing 28th November 2018

How to adopt technology and build a flexible cost-effective publishing workflow

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Press Release - 05/11/2018

PPA Digital Initiative of the Year

Motor Sport Magazine win PPA Digital Initiative of the Year at the PPA Independent Publishers Awards Sponsored by Evolved Media

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Feature - 01/11/2018

Top 5 tips if you’re thinking of hosting online

If producing and distributing content is key to your business, should you host in the Cloud or internally? What do ypu need to consider?

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Press Release - 23/10/2018

Evolved Media announces sponsorship of the PPA

Evolved Media has announced sponsorship of the PPA Independent Publishers Conference and Awards 2018

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Article - 10/10/2018

Communication. The cornerstone of effective publishing and production

One of the biggest challenges publishers and production houses face everyday is how their teams work seamlessly together and communicate effectively.

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Article - 02/09/2018

Image recognition, AI and machine-learning technology to refresh database metadata

Artificial Intelligence is a phrase much in dispute and often misunderstood. What is meant by intelligence? Do we mean computers that think like humans, or act like humans, or both?

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